Wednesday, April 1, 2009


So I'm a little OCD when it comes to some things! Not with any good things like having a clean house but with small annoying things! Like the volume on the t.v. or radio has to be a 5-digit number. There is this game on my phone I like to play but I can't stop unless it's on a 5-digit level. The most annoying one is if I have a thought in my head it either needs to be said or done. Like nothing can be left UNCOMPLETED! So that is where I need your help! A couple months back I saw this license plate that said INSA8BL. What the heck does this mean?? I think about this stupid thing everyday and cannot figure it out! You will be my hero if figure it out and what you figure out makes sense!!! Thank you!

Washington D.C.

So not only is the President of the United States black, he is also about to be MORMON!!! J/K

Last thursday my little brother got his mission call and he was called to the Washington D.C. South mission. Technically Washington D.C. isn't even in his mission boundaries but that is the name of the mission. Ryan says it's because Washington D.C. South sounds way better than North Virginia! He's right huh?

I keep joking with him that me and Mavrik are going with him! I'm a little protective (OKAY! let's not lie! I'm REALLY protective) of my little brother! This is going to be a rough 2 years but I'm so excited for him! I love you Ry Guy and I know you are going to be such a good missionary!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I know I posted about this before but I love decorating cakes! So far I've only learned how to do old school star cakes. I love them and think they look cooler but they aren't as "HIP" as the fondant cakes you see people making these days. Real quick if you haven't seen the show Ace of Cakes I really recommend watching it. I love that show. Anyways, back to what I was saying I've been wanting to TRY (keyword try) to learn how to use fondant. Michael's has some classes but until I can get this kid on a bottle I'm gonna have to skip those for now. So instead, I went to Michael's and bought a kit to try to teach myself. Didn't work out so good! Here's how it turned out! Keep in mind I'm just a beginner...

As you can tell I have lots more practice ahead of me but it was pretty fun!
So I've been doing weightwatchers with all of my in-law sisters and mom but this cake thing really doesn't help me out with that. For some wierd reason half of the frosting ends up in my mouth!! Really bad! And when it's colored it's really hard to hide the evidence! As you can tell in the picture it doesn't ONLY end up in my mouth but all over my face!

Last but not least! THE MESS! I'm sure not everybody is like this but when I make a cake I also make a mess!! Here is some proof!


Yea... not so much whistling! But back to work!
So for those of you who didn't know I used to work for my dad at the construction company he used to run. Well the guy that owned it was a real (INSERT ANY BAD WORD YOU WANT TO USE HERE)! So after way too long my dad finally quit and started his own company. You can't find many people besides family to work for free while you get it up and running! It literally is my WHOLE family working there... Mom, Brothers, and even my little man Mav! He's for entertainment! I really am excited for my dad though and I hope it works out for him! He really deserves it! So here's to Diamond Masonry!


So my poor little family has been sick all weekend! Jordan has had the flu/cold/cough/everything for the past 3 weeks! I feel so bad for him! I had a boob infection (AGAIN) this weekend! So breastfeeding is not my favorite thing in the world but then breastfeeding with mastitis is DEFINITELY by far one of my least favorite things! Your boob feels like it's on fire and then you get a fever of like 104. Yea not fun! And then poor little Mavrik had a cold in his eye friday morning and then woke up saturday with a cold in his other eye!! His is the worst because first he's just a tiny little guy and then second he can't even tell us what's wrong! Well Mav woke up this morning much better and so did I! I finally got some housework done that needed it BADLY! Now if my husband would just get better!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So Mavrik went to the doctor for his 4-month appointment this past friday and as I suspected he is huge! Well huge to me!! He is in the 75th percentile for everything. He weighs 16 lbs. 2 oz. and is 26 inches long. I'm pretty sure his head was like 16 (maybe 17) inches around. That means he gained like 4 pounds since his last appointment!

Things that Mavrik does at 4 months:
He has become obsessed with his tongue. He's always sticking it out.
He always sucks on his top lip (I've got to get a video on here for that cause it's so cute)
He of course loves taking naps on mom's chest
HE HATES BOTTLES!!! We'll just say he's a man if ya know what I mean!
He loves watching sports on tv with dad! (Another man thing)
He is teething. The Dr. said he should have teeth in the next couple weeks.
He is such a smiler!!
If you swing him just the way he likes it you can get this cutest giggle ever out of him!
He is wearing 6-12 months clothes.
Nicknames are: Ravrik, Rav, Mav, and Mom's tiny friend!!
I just love this kid more than anything!!! I could never imagine my life without him! I LOVE YOU MAV!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

"I'm a big kid now!"

So my mom has been telling me to feed Mavrik rice cereal for a while now but the paranoid mom I am wanted to wait for the doctor to give me the okay and he did. I was so excited to feed him something other than me!! So this weekend I went to Target to get him some rice cereal and some spoons to feed him with and had no idea what I was looking at. I thought it would be easy but of course there were 50 different kinds of cereal and 10 different packs of spoons. Well I grabbed 2 different types of spoons to see what would work and decided to ask for some help on the cereal. There were 2 different ladies in the same aisle with older kids so I thought I'd just ask them what I would get and it would be easy right? WRONG! One of the ladies asked how old he was and then scolded me for feeding him rice cereal already. She was like "that's way too early!! You need to breast-feed him way longer... blah blah!" Then she starts going on about some natural website thing I need to go to. Well then the other lady was like "it's not too early! I'm a nurse! Buy him this kind, do this, do that!" Well then the other lady interrupts her and starts arguing with her. After awhile I was like "OK! Thanks for your help!" So I just walked to a different section and waited for them to both leave. I did NOT want to be in the middle of that. Well I bought what I thought would work and it did! My kid LOVED it! I had heard from a few people that it was gonna be hard to get him to take it from a spoon but it really wasn't. Of course it was a mess but everytime my mom would put the spoon to his mouth he would open it and gobble it all up. Then when my mom would take a break and put the spoon down he started throwing his arms and kicking his legs like "what are you waiting for Lady? I'm ready!!" It was really funny! I just can't believe he is already so big and eating from a spoon!!